In the Gorges du Tarn

Via ferrata or aquatic hike + a canoeing or kayaking excursion


Full day activity with a half-day of canoeing included

NChoose from a half day of via ferrata at the location of Liaucous plus a canoeing or kayaking excursion in the Gorges du Tarn of 11 or 12km.
You can also enjoy an aquatic hike, followed by a canoeing or kayaking excursion of 20km

Your instructor will accommodate your level and your wishes for climbing and potholing activities. You will be accompanied so you can discover and appreciate the sport that you have chosen for half a day.
Then, a free canoeing or kayaking excursion of 11 km or 12 km awaits you, which lasts approximately 3 hour (if you choose the via package). You’ll navigate to the heart of the Gorges du Tarn to explore its most beautiful scenery (Les Détroits, the village of Croze, Le Cirque des Baumes…) or you can enjoy the liveliest part that Tarn has to offer, in complete safety.
For the aquatic hike package, you’ll enjoy a 20km canoe trip



Payment by bank card. Travellers’ cheques also accepted.


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