2 days in the Gorges du Tarn...

1 day in the canyon at the Haute Dourbie location + 1 canoe or kayak excursion

2 days of activities with a day of canoeing included

How about a day of potholing or canyon exploring and one tour of the Gorge du Tarn in either a canoe or a kayak?
Your instructor will accompany you for one thrilling day-long journey to discover an underground that is both wonderful and unforgettable.
Following that, a day-long, free excursion (20km) to the Gorges du Tarn in either canoe or kayak awaits you.
You can choose to depart from St Chély du Tarn to reach Pas de Soucy and discover the most beautiful parts of the Gorges du Tarn (St Chély du Tarn, the village of Hauterive, la Malène, Les Détroits, the village of Croze, le Cirques des Baumes…) on a calm and completely safe river.



Payment by bank card. Travellers’ cheques also accepted.